To avoid damaging the premiseseither by their actions

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Unformatted text preview: o the tribunal for a determination that the consent of the landlord is not required. If the tribunal determines that the landlord’s consent is required, then the assignment or sub-letting without the landlord’s consent is void. What are the duties of the tenant? The duties of the tenant to a large extent reflect the rights of the landlord. The main duties of the tenant are: • To carry out necessary repairs—to advise the landlord of necessary repairs. In the case of urgent or emergency repairs, the tenant can either do the work personally or pay a tradesperson and then get the landlord to recompense the tenant, provided that reasonable steps have been taken to get in touch with the landlord or agent. • To avoid damaging the premises—either by their actions or those of an invitee. Where damage has been incurred, the landlord may require the tenant to do the repairs or undertake to have the repairs done. • Not to permit the premises to be used illegally—whether at common law or by statute....
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