Where the tenant installs fixtures or renovates or

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Unformatted text preview: The offence must be incidental to the use of the premises and the tenant must have some knowledge of the illegal activities—for example, running a gaming house. • Not to create a nuisance—not to use the premises, or permit the premises to be used, in such a manner as to cause a nuisance—for example, loud and excessive noise from a stereo or television. • To keep the premises reasonably clean—this doesn’t mean a spotless condition, nor does it apply to untidiness. Failure to keep the premises clean may result in an order that the tenant clean the premises, that the tenant forfeit part or all of their security deposit, or that the tenant vacate the premises. • Not to make renovations or alterations without the landlord’s consent. Where the tenant installs fixtures or renovates or alters the premises without consent, the tribunal may order the fixtures to 879 CHAPTER 33 • be removed or the premises restored to their original condition. The tenant may be required to pay compensation to the landlord, or the landlord may terminate the...
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