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Unformatted text preview: Wang wants to bring an action against the mortgagee claiming compensation because the power of sale had been exercised without due regard for his rights and interests. The mortgagee claimed that by selling the property at auction they had satisfied any obligation they owed to Wang, and that if the auction didn’t result in the best possible price being obtained, that was the fault of the agents and not them. Discuss. 5 Bella rented a house from Mica. During a storm one of the roof tiles was blown off the roof. Although some rain entered the house, the water damage was only minor. Bella knew that the tile had been blown off the roof but didn’t attempt to fix it because she was afraid of climbing on to the roof. As only a small 6 WEB RESOURCES Residential Tenancies Tribunal: Information on ACT residential tenancies: whichType/org NSW Office of Fair Trading :Information on residential tenancies can be obtained on the home page of Real Estate and Renting Services: Territory Housing: Information on Northern Territory resi...
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