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Unformatted text preview: dential tenancies: Residential Tenancies Authority: Information on Queensland residential tenancies: Office of Consumer and Business Affairs: Information on South Australian residential tenancies: Department of Justice Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading Section: Information on Tasmanian residential tenancies: renting/rtc Department of Justice and Consumer Affairs Victoria: Information on Victorian residential tenancies: Department of Consumer and Employment Protection: Information on Western Australian residential tenancies can be obtained from the home page, and renting a home in the Consumer Protection section: Tenants/index.htm There is also a tenancy pack available at: Landlords/Landlords_pack.html Photo credit p. 848: © Oleksandr Bilozerov/ PROPERTY AND MORTGAGES Gai received permission from a local farmer to keep her horse in a paddock that the farmer owned but wasn’t using. In return she paid him $20 per week. On weekends Gai would groom the horse and exercise it in the paddock. On a particular week...
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