Laws and customs is the registrar satisfied that at

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Unformatted text preview: association with the area; and – that there exist tribal laws acknowledged by, and traditional customs observed by, the native title claim group that give rise to the claim to native title rights and interests; and – that the native title claim group has continued to hold native title in accordance with those traditional laws and customs. • Is the Registrar satisfied that at least some of the native title rights and interests claimed in the application can be established (s 190B(6))? PROPERTY AND MORTGAGES Role of the Federal Court and the National Native Title Tribunal CHAPTER 33 The Native Title Act 1993 (Cth) gave registered native title claimants an automatic right to negotiate with mining companies that wished to explore or mine the land being claimed. However, the subsequent amendments to the Act replaced the right of negotiation with a right to be consulted under the new state systems. While miners must notify claimants about relevant matters, the claimants cannot prevent mining from occurring. In the event of a dispute arising, mediation must be first tried and, if that fails, the dispute will then be settled by a mining warden or another appointed official. If the state...
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