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Christina Campsen Article #4 Why Teachers Quit There are so many factors that go into “Why Teachers Quit”. They range from insufficient support and not having reasonable pay. In this article, it begins by a teacher speaking about her obstacles that she was facing during her two years of teaching at the high school level. Her administration would not allow her to take her students on any type of field trip that would allow her to enrich the projects in the classroom and give the students the chance to witness things first hand and be able to see how they are used in the real world. The article says that this is very common. It states that most districts try to find teachers that will work in lower income areas with promises that they will be supportive. Yet once in the
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Unformatted text preview: school, these teachers do not receive any type of assistance or guidance and especially no resources that will help in the classroom. This topic is one that I have heard about quite frequently. Some people that I know have tried to discourage me into not being a teacher. They say that it is such a hard obstacle to get through. Most administrations are not accommodating and it is hard to make something out of nothing. The article says that the vast majority of teachers are still in the classroom after five years. I wonder if that is because they are the nicer school districts that have a higher budget or if they are in a lower income area. That would be an interesting factor to look up....
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