motivation vs. punishment

motivation vs. punishment - Successful completion gets...

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Christina Campsen Journal Review Motivation vs. Punishment There are many different techniques or approaches that teachers and parents alike try with regards to homework. It can be a very difficult subject to positively influence children to complete since they are in school already eight hours a day and then homework for another 2 or more hours. According to Stephanie Foster she has set six different tactics that will help: 1. Parents should set regular homework times for their children. They should be flexible and regular. No television should be on or other distractions during homework time. 2. Parents should also consider making a reward system for their children. Not on a daily setting but rather a more long term reward. They should discuss the reward with their child so that it is actually something that the children will enjoy. 3. Parents need to be kind yet firm when it comes to homework, especially if it is a problem.
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Unformatted text preview: Successful completion gets rewards working to slow or refusing to finish means loss of privilege. This will also help the child to learn responsibility. 4. Parents need to know how often to give their children rewards. They should be more of a weekend treat rather than a daily ritual. 5. Following through on your beginning statements is critical. Consistency is the key to success. Children need to know when they can get out of something. Sticking to your plan will help them adapt to structure and rules. 6. Be there for your kids! Find out what there questions are. If they are genuine, answer their questions. Always remember that you can not do their work for them. Homework is how the teacher assesses their student’s progress for at home activities such as homework....
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motivation vs. punishment - Successful completion gets...

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