BME420 first article review

BME420 first article review - about how I will handle the...

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Christina Campsen BME 420 First Reading January 28, 2008 State Guidance on English-Language Learners Lags This article was absolutely ridiculous. I can not even believe that our society is so far behind on accommodating to our children’s needs, whatever they may be. I understand that each day, there are new findings and developments. I also understand that there are organizations that are trying to improve the areas that need improving. What I do not understand however, is why it is so difficult to formulate a curriculum for the busy teachers to base their pre-existing lessons around in order to accommodate for their ELL students. I am not completely educated on the entire topic of teaching ELL students. With that said, I am completely nervous about entering my classroom as a first year teacher, already nervous
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Unformatted text preview: about how I will handle the obstacles at hand, yet along with everything else, trying to instruct students that might not even be able to comprehend what I am even saying. How am I going to teach them? Why there isn’t a more detailed guideline for teachers today and more importantly why has our country not done anything? The article said that only a few states had gone into further detail regarding helping teachers with their ELL students. It also stated that some of the states with the highest numbers of ELL students don’t even have a plan in action at all. This is just simply horrifying; For the teachers, the students, their classmates, their families and the community....
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BME420 first article review - about how I will handle the...

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