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CAMPSEN #3 119 AT UA DEEMED TO BE NON-RESIDENTS I found that this article was a waste of paper. I understand that as a state, we border another country and we also have excellent universities that students from all over the world want to be a part of. However, I think that the numbers are so small that the article was not necessary to print. I do not even understand why it was written. Was the author trying to say that we are getting illegal immigrants from our bordering country or from other countries around the world? I think that as a state we have issues with covering our borders security and making sure that illegal immigrants do not come into our country however, what are we trying to stop? My question is about whether or not we are making these facts public because of the financial aid factor or the citizenship factor. I think it is unfair to those citizens who are denied
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Unformatted text preview: financial aid services because other non-citizens are more qualified for those services. I think that students who are in-state citizens should get all of the money from financial aid as opposed to illegal immigrants. I feel as though it is our country and our money. Our people should get the help and assistance as opposed to non US citizens. I think that if other people want to come into our country for education, they should pay for their education. Our financial assistance should be strictly used for citizens of the US. As for the few people trying to go to the UA that are not citizens, I am unaware of the formalities of prop 300. I do not know what the laws are for out of country education. I need to further investigate that before I can make an educated opinion....
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