aristotlemalory - character however it is up to that...

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Molly Cronin EN 1302 Assign #1: Aristotle and Malory 1/15/08 1. Aristotle and Malory have very different, however connected views on what constitutes good character. Aristotle believes that being good goes hand in hand with being happy and he defines happiness and living well and doing well. By this he means that by learning and acquiring knowledge we are able to accomplish more goals in our lives, which makes us good. Malory moreso defines being good as being good to the man next to you. He defines it as obeying your authority and being loyal to those around you. I believe that these two views are connected although they are in entirely different times. They both stress the importance of knowledge and knowing what is right and what is wrong. Being able to understand the presets of the society allows one to be good. 2. The connection between conscience and character is hard to understand. In each writing it is clear as to what the definition of being good is and what constitutes good
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Unformatted text preview: character however it is up to that individual to be truthful about the occurences in one's life. If one does not have a good conscience, I believe it is hard for one to have good character. If someone has strong particular views and values, it is up to that person to stick to them and fulfill their sense of duty and be true to themselves and what is good. 3. "Good character" is defined in infinetly many ways among the different societies in this world. Human beings acquire good character based on their surroundings and what is taught to them. They must take what they have learning and the knowledge they have gained and apply it to the challenges faced every day. How one handles themselves in any situation can be a display of good character and that can only be acquired through knowledge of what is good and sticking to it....
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aristotlemalory - character however it is up to that...

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