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Preview Questions (lecture 12) - Lecture 12: Homeostasis...

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Lecture 12: Homeostasis You only need to know Walter Cannon- coined the term homeostasis, Henry Dale and Otto Loewi. You do not need to know any chemical formulas. Questions you should be able to answer after today’s lecture. 1. Define homeostasis. a. Maintaining a stable internal milure in Intermal Milieu The primordial sea water which we carry insode oour body is called interstitial fluis. Its separated from the blood in the rapidly movine/ it also communicates with the lymphatic system. When its too hight its not good when its too low its not good. 2. Describe some mechanisms of thermoregulation. a. When it iis cold, we reduce the flow of blood to the skin so that we reducer the amount of heat. b. Iodine contatining hormone from the thyroid increases. Shiver c. Hair keeps warmth in insulating us. Even though we don’t have much fur to raise cold still induces the hair raising responses in humans whih is seen as goose bumps. 3. Describe the mechanism of osmoregulation. a. Dehydration causes the salt concentration of blood to rise. b. The posterior pituitary gland secretes antidiuretic hormone (ADH), which places more water channels in the collecting tube so that water is reabsorbed by the kidney and the osmotic pressure of the blood returns to
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Preview Questions (lecture 12) - Lecture 12: Homeostasis...

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