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3 which of the following statement regarding the

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Unformatted text preview: generate action potentials immediately. d. The axon would remain depolarized forever. e. The falling phase of the action potential would be steeper. 3. Which of the following statement regarding the resistance and capacitance of a cell’s membrane is false? a. Membrane resistance is not does not depend on the density of ion channels in the membrane. b. The unit membrane capacitance does not vary, but the unit resistance may vary depending on the behavior of specific ion channels. c. Membrane resistance determines how far down an axon current can spread. d. Passive membrane properties govern how fast a membrane potential will change following the injection of current. e. Membrane capacitance will influence the amount of current you will need to inject to trigger an action potential. 4. A scientist discovers a drug that increases the delay in the opening of the voltage ­gated potassium channels in response to depolarization of the membrane. What effect will this new drug have on the shape of the action potential? The action pot...
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