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Problem Set Week 022712 key

What properties of membrane are responsible for

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Unformatted text preview: ential would become broader the overshoot would become slightly larger and the development of the undershoot would be delayed. 5. In addition to a ‘rising’ and ‘falling’ phase action potentials typical have an undershoot, during which the membrane potential moves below the ‘resting’ membrane potential. What properties of membrane are responsible for generating the undershoot and explain how the undershoot can influence the pattern of action potentials a cell generates. Action potentials have undershoot periods because if they did not, then they would potentially be constantly firing action potentials. The undershoot phase allows for the spacing of action potentials so that the cell does not overloaded. It does this by selective passage of Na+ and K+ ions into and out of the cell. Basically, Na+ ions flowing into the cell allows it to begin an action potential, which is negated milliseconds later by the opening of vol...
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