PSYC 327 05.03.07

PSYC 327 05.03.07 - PSYC 327 I Final Exam-Tues-EEB 110...

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PSYC 327 I) Final Exam -Tues May 14, 2007 -EEB 110 4:30-6:30 -Same format 50% old 50% new II) Notes From Movie -Hermit crabs take in new homes that are more suitable for them. They may take homes from other hermit crabs if they are strong enough to get another one out. -prairie dogs make holes that connect underground tunnels. They make two holes, one just a hole and the other a few inches above ground. This allows for air to enter in the level hole and be forced out in the higher hole, like air conditioning. -silk is really useful. Those who cannot make it steal it from others. Some birds make their nests with the silk. Indian tailor bird uses silk to stitch together leaves. The structure can hold a few birds in it when constructed. -weaver birds- ties leaf spring onto stick. This is done by using the hand to hold one side and then use beak to weave. The next step is to make a ring around it. Then the roof is made. When the make is done, he flaps his wings to attract females. Females choose male based on how well the nest is made. Females only choose nests that are still green. If brown, the male has to tear down the nest and rebuild. -beavers: beavers always busy building and improving their homes. Beaver dams can stop water levels and keep some high. Side towards higher water is filled with mud. Other side is filled with sticks. Large beams used for structural strength. Small twigs and leaflets and mud are needed to fill in the gaps. Purpose is to make a lake. During winter they stay under and eat underground storage of food. Entrance is underground. -wasps chew up wood, mix it with saliva, and make it into strong paper. Used to make
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PSYC 327 05.03.07 - PSYC 327 I Final Exam-Tues-EEB 110...

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