PSYC 327 03.01.07 Lecture #12

PSYC 327 03.01.07 Lecture #12 - PSYC 327 I) Jerison A)...

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PSYC 327 03.01.07 I) Jerison A) Intelligence Proportional to: Brain Mass (Body Mass) e2/3 B) Homoiotherms vs. Poikilotherms C) Movement has to do with how warm muscles are. Humans move slower in the night because their muscles are colder than during the day. Likewise, moths are attracted to fire and light because the heat will allow them to warm up muscles and fly faster. D) Insects absorb heat to fly faster. Mammals absorb heat to survive the cold of the night. E) Smaller animals are usually not warm blooded because heat is produced by body mass. Insects would have small body mass and large surface area, so they would lose heat more easily than it is made. F) Frogs can catch flies so quickly because their nervous systems are designed differently than humans. Signals go from the eyes to the brain, then to the designated area. In frogs, signals go directly from their eyes to the reaction. II) Heat from Brain A) Brain produces the most heat out of any other organ in the body. It weights about 2 lbs, but provides about 25% of the heat in humans. B) Portal Vein a. Phylogenetic Intertia III) Cultural Transmission A) Within Generation (Horizontal) B) Between Generations (Vertical) C) Mozart Effect: 3 mice raised in separate places, one playing one music, another playing another, and the final played none. After keeping the rats in each until they reach adulthood, they are given new places without odor and allowed to run into each of the different environments. It was found that the
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PSYC 327 03.01.07 Lecture #12 - PSYC 327 I) Jerison A)...

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