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PSYC 327 April 10, 2007 A) Reciprocity Altruism 1) “You pat my back, and ill pat yours” 2) Not always in the same kind a) beta male in polygamous relationships. Betas groom the alpha males in hopes that they may be able to mate with a female in the herem. 3) Sharing food when found in large quantities. A new animal may share food with kin. 4) when not kin: can help avoid predator, have extra pairs of eyes, and allows for a lower probability of it itself to be eaten. B) Group Selection 1) Flock A- cooperator - sentry Flock B- No cooperator
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Unformatted text preview: -Freeloading-Hutterites C) Notes from movie-HAHA DIDN’T HAPPEN!!! D) Cooperation 1) Foraging and Food sharing 2) Chimpanzees are humans closest relative. 3) Interspecific mutualism 4) Symbiotic Relationship Cleaner Fish 5) Noncooperative Sitations Parasitic relationship Sea Anemone E) Cooperative Breeders 1) Plural Breeders Singular Breeders F) Asserting Dominance 1) short term coalitions long term alliaces 2) Hyena G) Eusociality 1) division of labor 2) overlapping generation 3) communal care Naked mole rat...
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