PSYC 327 04.17.07 Lecture #

PSYC 327 04.17.07 Lecture # - PSYC 327 Next Quiz Tuesday...

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PSYC 327 April 17, 2007 Next Quiz: Tuesday, May 1, 2007 I) Optimal Foraging Theory -Caloric Value of prey -Search Time -encounter rate -Handling Time -capture and ingestion -optimal foraging theory is incomplete. It does not factor in other attributes. II) Group Hunting -When animals hunt together, they have to share food, meaning that they each receive less food. It depends on the encounter rate, for even if there is less food per individual, higher encounter rates would allow for more food per capita. -group hunting of rabbits by lions are not efficient because there is not enough calories for the amount of energy put into the capture. -groups hunt by ambush. Antelope are too fast for lions, so they form a ring around prey and attack from both sides. -groups hunting together are often related, so they are helping their own kin. They benefit because the alleles are more passed down. -Prey size Prey speed -Endurance -cheetahs can run up to 60mph, but only for a short period of time. Wolves and hyenas have higher endurance and can capture prey by just keeping up with their prey. Humans of the past used to get prey by following it for long periods of time and not letting it rest. III) Notes from movie (Finding Food) -wooly spider monkeys. Trees that the spider monkeys are staying on develop a poison that prevents them from eating it. Only new leaves do not have the poison, so monkeys go from tree to tree eating new leaves. Eating leaves are not very nutritious, and monkeys have to eat a large quantity of leaves. After an hour, the monkeys have to digest in a siesta. -insects are the highest consumers of leaves. Leaves develop a poison to prevent the beatles from eating it. It costs a lot of energy to produce poison, so it stores amall amounts. This amount is shared by many beetles and is tolerable -in milkweed, they produce poison latex. The insect bites the vein so that it could leak out. The insect can then eat at the other end of the leaf. -flowers use a lot of energy to make pollen, so they use nectar. The heliconia flower
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PSYC 327 04.17.07 Lecture # - PSYC 327 Next Quiz Tuesday...

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