PSYC 327 04.24.07

PSYC 327 04.24.07 - PSYC 327 I Notes on movie(Hunting and...

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PSYC 327 April 24, 2007 I) Notes on movie (Hunting and Escaping) -tomato frog- secretes poison to predators. Problem with poison is that if you are not found good enough to be eaten, the concentration of poison may have killed you. -salamanders- they pose in a way to show their warning colors. -other good way to prevent from getting eaten is to blend in with surroundings. Some insects have developed wings that look like the leaves they eat. -mantis- white. Blend in with flower and wait for butterfly. Mimicry is used to confuse. -frog has a face on its back so that it can deceive predator. -army ants- travel in the thousands. It is hard to get past them when they travel, even a large spiders. They can hold down a scorpion. The army ants go to a wasp hive, where the wasp is helpless. The ants take the eggs from the hive and bring it back to the queen. -chimpanzees- hunt in the wet season. They hunt other monkeys. They stalk the monkey for a little while. Send one blocker to prevent the monkeys form leaving. An attacker comes in and gets the monkey, then it is brought down to the pack so it may be shared. II) Notes regarding movie -concealment of itself using coloration III) Lecture -spending more time foraging reduces time for sexual activity and other anti-predator behaviors. -predators have been developed to look for prey when prey are not expecting it, ie while prey is foraging or in sexual activity. -prey may take food from a tree and take it to a safe place so that it is free from harm.
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PSYC 327 04.24.07 - PSYC 327 I Notes on movie(Hunting and...

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