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Seminar One Discussion Questions
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Seminar One Discussion Questions Due: Friday Points Possible: 50 points Read the Chapter 1 "Information Systems @ Work" on page 19 of the text. Answer the discussion questions and critical thinking questions, and post your answers to the discussion board 1. Would you find an app such as Hilton’s or Priceline’s useful? Why or why not? Hilton’s and Priceline’s applications are useful and can be done conveniently. The application of the Internet in the business has become a popular trend. This is a type of m-commerce application in which the service operations of online delivery is service customers order (Stair & Reynolds, 2012, p. 20). Using the application to book a room, purchase tickets, or a travel package is a great service to offer customers. The Priceline Negotiator lets travelers use the app to quickly find and book last-minute hotel service and allows you to save versus published rates. Allowing customers to inquire, check in, and order these fast and reliable services delivers high quality services to customers. (WC
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