Chapter 1 The Search For Human Origins

Chapter 1 The Search For Human Origins - Chapter 1 The...

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Chapter 1 – The Search for Human Origins Creation myths : story describing the origin of man. Genesis account (biblical); Archbishop James Ussher published a calculated date for world creation in 1650ad. Determined that world was created on Sunday, October 23, 4004bc. Early naturalists such as Isaac de la Peyrere and John Frere met resistance from scholars/religious believers about their implications of early humans Jacques Boucher de Perthes collected flint tools, published Antiquites Celtiques et Antediluviennes (1849), explaining that the flint tools were shaped by the hands and brains of early humans Father J. MacEnery excavated Kent’s Hole in England between 1825 and 1829, finding mammoth, rhino, and cave bear bones, with flint tools John Lubbock (1865) coined the terms Paleolithic and Neolithic in order to classify primitive and younger stone tools. Geology and the Theory of Deep Time Scot James Hutton publishes the Theory of the Earth in 1795, describing the earth as a constantly decaying and self-renewing machine , where a geological process operated in a three- stage cycle: 1. Terrestrial surfaces decay through weathering and erosion, the erosional products carried out to sea 2. Erosional products laid down as horizontal marine deposits, solidifying into rocks 3. Forces in the earth cause the marine rocks to be lifted as new continents, and erosion takes place again. Georges Cuvier and Catastrophism
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Chapter 1 The Search For Human Origins - Chapter 1 The...

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