Chapter 10 Discovering Homo erectus

Chapter 10 Discovering Homo erectus - Chapter 10 -...

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Chapter 10 - Discovering Homo erectus Eugene Dubois and the Quest for the Missing Link Dubois begins Work in the East Indies - Eugene Dubois settled on the tropics after hearing that the tree-dwelling progenitors to humans lived in “some warm, forest-clad land” - Dubois concentrated in Sumatra for his first two years, and received the support of his colonial Dutch government - Operations moved to Java in 1890 upon hearing of the recent discovery of human fossils at a site known as Wadjak Discovery of Pithecanthropus - Over a few years, Dubois discovered an upper third molar, a skullcap, and a humanlike left femur that he attributed to the “missing link” between ape and man - Originally believing that this was a species of upright chimpanzees, Dubois named it Anthropopithecus erectus , but later changed it to Pithecanthropus erectus - The skull dates from the middle Pleistocene, from 800,000 to just over a million years BP Java Controversy - Critics accused Dubois of mixing the skull and teeth of an ape with the thighbone of a human; the find contrasted with the general belief that a larger human brain came first in the separation of the human stock from earlier anthropoids - Subsequent finds that recovered fragmentary femora that shared characteristics with Pithecanthropus proved that it was indeed a biped Twentieth-Century Discoveries Search for Human Fossils in China - Discovery of the Peking man in 1927 (two hominin teeth between 1921 and 1923) Sinanthropus Discovered - Based on the size and cusp pattern of the ancient human molar, scientists dubbed it Sinanthropus pekinensis - In 1928 the first skull of Sinanthropus was uncovered, and upon analysis it revealed a brain capacity of about 915 cubic centimeters, which made it definitely humanlike Intensive Work at Zhoukoudian - By 1937, more than forty individuals were found in the Dragon Bone Hill cave at Zhoukoudian
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Chapter 10 Discovering Homo erectus - Chapter 10 -...

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