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Unformatted text preview: W6-1Neural Networks for Data MiningLearning ObjectivesUnderstand the concept and different types of artificial neural networks (ANN)Learn the advantages and limitations of ANNUnderstand how backpropagation neural networks learnUnderstand the complete process of using neural networksAppreciate the wide variety of applications of neural networksNeural networks have emerged as advanced data mining tools in cases where othertechniques may not produce satisfactory predictive models. As the term implies,neural networks have a biologically inspired modeling capability, but are essentiallystatistical modeling tools. In this chapter, we study the basics of neural network model-ing, some specific applications, and the process of implementing a neural networkproject.6.1 Opening Vignette: Using Neural Networks to Predict Beer Flavors with Chemical Analysis6.2 Basic Concepts of Neural Networks6.3 Learning in Artificial Neural Networks (ANN)6.4 Developing Neural Network-Based Systems6.5 A Sample Neural Network Project6.6 Other Neural Network Paradigms6.7 Applications of Artificial Neural Networks6.8 A Neural Network Software DemonstrationONLINECHAPTER66.1OPENING VIGNETTE: USING NEURAL NETWORKS TO PREDICT BEER FLAVORS WITH CHEMICAL ANALYSISCoors Brewers Ltd., based in Burton-upon-Trent, Britain's brewing capital, is proud ofhaving the United Kingdom's top beer brands, a 20 percent share of the market, yearsof experience, and of the best people in the business. Popular brands include Carling(the country's best-selling lager), Grolsch, Coors Fine Light Beer, Sol, and Korenwolf.W6-2Business Intelligence: A Managerial ApproachPROBLEMToday's customer is confronted with variety of options regarding what he or she drinks.A drinker's choice depends on various factors, such as mood, venue, and occasion.Thegoal of Coors is to ensure that the customer chooses a Coors brand every time.According to Coors,creativity is the key to being successful in the long term.To be thecustomer's choice brand,Coors needs to be creative and anticipative about the customer'sever-changing moods.An important issue with beers is the flavor; each beer has a distinc-tive flavor.These flavors are mostly determined through panel tests. However, such teststake time. If Coors could understand the beer flavor based solely on its chemical compo-sition,it would open up new avenues to create beer that would suit customer expectations.The relationship between chemical analysis and beer flavor is not clearly understoodyet. Substantial data exists about its chemical composition and sensory analysis. Coorsneeded a mechanism to link those two together. Neural networks were applied to createthe link between chemical composition and sensory analysis....
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