Esteban feared that male sonorans would resist

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Unformatted text preview: standards. Esteban feared that male Sonorans would resist working for a female boss. Esteban formed his selection committee of three long-term MoCorp executives, three other female employees from his area, and himself. He then advertised for the position of General Manager of the MoCorp´s Hermosillo plant, both publicly and in the internal company newsletter. Forty-seven applications were received. The selection committee determined that six of the applicants were outstanding and invited these candidates to Queretaro for personal interviews. After interviews and discussion between the selection committee members, two finalists were selected for further examination and scrutiny in terms of their ability to succeed in the position, their congruence with the MoCorp mission and corporate goals, and their professional credentials. One of the finalists, a white male from Mexico City named Raul, held an MBA from Harvard University in the United States and had managed a small appliance production facility for a Korean firm for four years. His superiors gave him excellent reviews and high reco...
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