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In addition this candidate was impressive in his

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Unformatted text preview: mmendations. In addition, this candidate was impressive in his personal interviews and the selection committee felt comfortable with the possibility of his success within the MoCorp organization. Although he had never been to Hermosillo, he was single and felt no hesitancy to move to the hot, dry north, where 50 degree Celsius temperatures occur in the summer months. The other finalist, a woman named Alejandra from Monterrey who had been working as an assistant manager at MoCorp´s Saltillo plant for 8 years, held a Masters degree in Industrial Engineering from the National University of Nuevo Leon. She had also received the highest reviews from her MoCorp superiors, although she had failed to advance beyond assistant manager within the organization. She spoke no English and was married with four children. In her personal interview she demonstrated superior knowledge of the duties of plant manager and, naturally because of her time with MoCorp, an apparently perfect congruence with the company´s mission and goals. In sum, the selection committee felt both finalists had equally significant and qualified experience for the position of Hermosill...
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