Jorge one of the most respected members of the

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Unformatted text preview: o plant manager. Jorge, one of the most respected members of the selection committee and the plant manager of MoCorp´s Puebla plant, suggested that the male candidate deserved the job because he had managerial experience while the female candidate did not. Another committee member argued that the female candidate was obviously extremely well-qualified as well, and that because the company had no women in executive or managerial positions, they should hire her. This committee member added that, while some may think the male candidate was preferable because of his previous managerial experience, this difference might be accounted for on the basis of the traditional bias against professional women in Mexican society: she didn’t have managerial experience because no one was willing to give her any! One of the women on the selection committee argued that the consideration of gender itself was an improper criterion for evaluating candidates: only performance should be considered. Still another member claimed the contrary: precisely because the finalists were 3 C16-13-001 Promotion of Female Executive: An Executive’s Tough Decision so equally qualified, the committee should consider other factors, such as gender and how this would affect the performance of the plant and the...
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