Thus of mocorps 25 executives and board members none

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Unformatted text preview: her sales or finance. Thus, of MoCorp´s 25 executives and board members, none were female. MoCorp CEO Matt Montoya Admin. Gen. Manager (Esteben) Plant: . Qro Plant: Saltillo Plant: Leon Sales Gen. Manager Plant: Puebla Plant: Hillo? manager manager Finance Gen. Manager manager manager manager Figure 2. Board of Directors (MoCorp) 2 C16-13-001 Promotion of Female Executive: An Executive’s Tough Decision Esteban realized the decision of who was to be the new Hermosillo, Sonora plant manager would be an important one for several reasons. First, as the CEO pointed out, it was important for MoCorp to have its first female executive. Second, it was important for the company and Esteban personally, that the new Hermosillo plant to do well since it was the first plant outside of the central region of Mexico. Hermosillo was in the northwest border country of Mexico and had a reputation for dedicated, but sexist, male workers. A friend of Esteban´s had a business in Hermosillo and he had visited him often: Hermosillo seemed to be very traditional and conservative, even by traditional central Mexican...
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