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English Paper #3 - 1 Daniel Lindell English 015 Section...

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1 Daniel Lindell English 015 Section 002 #3 October 11, 2007 A Terminal Condition This is a condition that isn’t usually diagnosed by a doctor or a physician, rather simply by you, yourself, and the guy you see when you look in the mirror. I’ve had it ever since I was a child. In my opinion, if it wasn’t for this horrid, everlasting condition my life would be much more exciting and socially enjoyable. In “At War With My Skin,” Updike wrote and revealed how, drastically, his psoriasis affected his life. I suffer from a severe case of shyness and anxiety around girls I like. My condition, though not as serious as Updike’s psoriasis, has dramatically affected me on numerous occasions throughout my life. I can recall the first time I felt manipulated by my condition; I was six years old and I was attending St. Helena’s Catholic primary for first grade. Her name was Kelly Brady and I was young and in love. I made the stupid and idiotic mistakes that men usually make because I was too scared to talk to her directly. I would slide notes inside her desk incessantly regarding making out, dating, even getting married. I don’t remember anything of first grade except trying to hook up with Kelly -I never did! I tried dancing around her to show off and get her attention, but unbeknownst and unfortunate to me, I sucked at dancing; I would frantically tap my black, uniform dress shoes on the blacktop without the slightest regard of how I may have looked. It’s understandable though, since I was
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English Paper #3 - 1 Daniel Lindell English 015 Section...

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