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English Paper #4 - 1 Daniel Lindell English 015 Section...

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1 Daniel Lindell English 015 Section 002 #4 November 6, 2007 “People are insufficient –therefore they need each other.” -Plato In his essay “People Like Us,” David Brooks gives us his theory: “I have seen all around this country people making strenuous efforts to group themselves with people who are basically like themselves.” He points out that similar people tend to migrate and live in similar neighborhoods over an extended period of time. I agree with David Brooks’ statement that people tend to and may put out a substantial effort to live in a neighborhood or community where the people like what they or their family likes. My experience with this thesis is that people will group themselves together with other people of the same level of education, race, and interests. This goes to show that even though you and your neighbors may not talk much, you may have more in common than you believe. I have learned that I actually have more in common with my neighbors than I thought –even if I don’t wish to have. According to Brooks, everyone in the United States, and quite possibly, although not researched thoroughly, everyone around the world, could, despite their better efforts, tend to live, make friends, and even shop alike. People have the tendency, according to Brook’s theory, to buy homes in neighborhoods or communities with other people, who like themselves, may like to run or bike-ride or have a certain level of education. For instance, in the
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English Paper #4 - 1 Daniel Lindell English 015 Section...

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