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Ernst, Carl. “Boa Constrictor.” Snakes of the United States and Canada . London: Smithsonian Books, 2003. This book had general information about different types of snakes and the foods they eat, where they are generally found, and what their social habits. It was a very basic book for high school or college students who are doing a broad topic. The Information came from other books as well as personal work. Useful to inexperienced researcher. Mattison, Chris. “Rattlesnakes.” Snakes . New York: New York, 1995. This was another general book about the different kinds of snakes that live in America. The article I chose was on Rattlesnakes because it had some interesting pictures of the rattlesnake and its eating habits. This book went into a little more detail than the boa constrictor article. Very useful to the inexperienced researcher. Tennant, Alan. “Black Rat Snake.” Snakes of North America: Eastern and Central
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Unformatted text preview: Regions . Lanham: Lonestar Books, 2003. This was one of the most in depth books I found. Since it only focused on the eastern and central regions, it was able to go into more depth about the social aspect of a snake’s life. The Black Rat snake was not a snake you would find in a broader book. This book had the most information out of the four. This was a republished book, so therefore the information was not originally his. I believe that the information is believable however. Tipton, Bob. “Short Tailed Snake.” Snakes of the Americas. Florida: Krieger Publishing Company, 2005. This was the most recent of the books that I found and therefore it had some of the most relevant information to what my topic is. The article I chose went into greater length of the reproduction of snakes, and their eating styles. I thought it was the second best book that I found. Useful to the inexperienced researcher....
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