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Joei Rigous Professor Martin 10/16/2007 High Noon: The Fight for Assist High Noon is one of the western films that can move you by its existentialist themes, where an individual's values are above the societal norms and where the authenticity of being is existence. This is the story of a man who creates his own choices and stands up for the right reason when he is confronting such limit-situations as chance, suffering, conflict, guilt, and death. He is the town's marshal, Will Kane, who marries a beautiful Quaker girl in the courtroom. The couple plans to move away to a new town and settle down to have a family. During the celebration, the outlaw Frank Miller is announced to come in town while the gunmen supporting him are already in town waiting for him. Kane is encouraged to get out of town by the moral forces in town, but he has second thoughts. He tells Amy that he's got to go back; the honeymoon will have to wait until his 12 o'clock showdown this is showing “relational ethics. He does this because he cares about his community and he had and still has love for the town. The attitude of his wife is that she begs him not to be a hero, handing him an ultimatum on her wedding day. If he won't go away with her, she will go alone by the train, the one that leaves at twelve noon. He resolutely answers her, "I've got to stay." Kane, the anti-hero, is counting on getting special deputies sworn in to assist him.
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Everything hinges on midday. The suspense builds and the tension mounts as the clock ticks ever closer to the inevitable fate of high noon. The passing of the time
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high noon - Joei Rigous Professor Martin 10/16/2007 High...

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