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McCormack 1 Kristen McCormack February 8, 2007 Let’s be Logical: Lower the Drinking Age to 18 In the United States, children are typically born into a haven of security provided by their parents. They are raised with morals and values; however ethics may vary from family to family. From birth to teenage years, young American citizens have restricted rights according to their government. For example, decisions regarding healthcare and schooling are made by parents up until their adolescent children turn 18 years of age. But at the age of 18, the adolescence of the United States has the legal right to make their own important adult decisions regardless of parental consent. These young adults can cast their vote in various elections, serve in the military, purchase tobacco substances, marry, and are finally considered legal. However, aside from these adult- categorized actions, they are denied the right to consume alcoholic beverages. This inconsistency and lack of logic should be put to an end by lowering the drinking age from 21 to 18. The drinking age in the United States is a contradiction in theory. At the age of 18, one is legally considered an independent adult, but the law denies a “grown-up” individual to drink an alcoholic beverage. As irrational as it sounds, the United States citizens trust their sixteen-year-old children to operate two thousand pound vehicles, yet a person considered an adult is not permitted to consume an alcoholic beverage. Furthermore, we trust the decision-making abilities of an eighteen year old to cast a vote in public elections. This statement in itself shows the paradox of the drinking age. The United States confides in an eighteen-year-old to make a sincere decision, an imperative decision to say the least, but bands an alcoholic beverage. Moreover, at the age of 18, one
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McCormack 2 is allowed and encouraged to serve in the military and fight for their own country. Handing over a gun and allowing the individual to take another person’s life shows an enormous amount of trust. Nevertheless, we believe that until the age of 21, our younger adults cannot handle alcohol. Also, is it plausible to enable an 18 year old access to tobacco products, but decline them the privilege of alcohol? Altogether, setting the age of alcoholic responsibility at 21 is arbitrary. Changing the drinking age to 18 would not
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sociology paper - McCormack 1 Kristen McCormack February 8...

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