SISEA 242 Class notes - PARC policy affairs reasearch...

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Developmental state:   bureocratic dominance , post war II   highgrowth period    theory by  Thomas Johnson.  Keiretsu: post      they prefer to sell more % of the market . .. than get make more money on just  one product. Big influence on businesses   diverse production    interaction between state and  government. Ikeda doubling plan. Developmental state: bureocratic dominance . .. johns son theory . .. Keiretsu . .. post      they prefer to sell more % of the market . .. than get make more money on  just one product. Enterprise union. ..  verticle union . ..   all the people in the same company are in the same union. PILP:  Public interest leagal person   then they can have bank accounts and officies    1898 whn  arti 34   . . before that not many CSG could be formed because they had to ask the bureocrats  for permission. Civil society:  1898,  article 34 : 
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Unformatted text preview: PARC : policy affairs reasearch councle . .. group specialized in policy making and they did everything possible for them to be passed in the diet. • [email protected] ........ edu In general, which is more important fo understanding contemporary Japanese politics, structure (institutions) or culture? Discuss with reference to relevant topics of the course. Both support your side (structure or culture) and raize evidence to undermine the other side. Structure ideas:-Bureocrats . .. and how they influenced alot of stuff / amakudari and how it brought into the picture the big businesses / civil society is an example of this . .. the bureocrats decide who passes and who doesn’t. They take a lot of power because they are in charge of the small details that no one has time for. Culture:...
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SISEA 242 Class notes - PARC policy affairs reasearch...

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