SISEA 435 Japanese Government and politics N1

SISEA 435 Japanese Government and politics N1 - Main point...

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Unformatted text preview: Main point between the japanese sot party and the democratic sot party. It was in japanese style, as the LDP, devided in factions. Devided not only in personal characters but also in political ideal differences. The sot party was a marxist party but distinction from the communist party. Broad based attitudes, marxism, social democraticsism, Neither party never came into power, perminant oposition party. They were so caught up in their own inexperience that they never figured out how to run a political campaine. 3 rd ) never atractied strong canidates, why would you join a party that was always a loser. Over 80 percent of their candidates (from the sot party) came from the trade unions ,,, single interest group parties ,,, didnt really choose profesional polititians. 5 th ) Limited number of issues on which they could argue about. It would have been very difficult to unseat the rulling party just on policy terms.... Japan was growing at 11% a year ... everything was going well !! why would you change? Doubling time about 6 years. Accordingly .. the sot parties really critizised the rulling party about their foreign policy, in 1960 the sots came together and oppose an extension of the US Japan security allience. Kishi decided to hold the vote at 12 at night and passed the vote. So the treaty was then renued. After that kishi was forced to resign. Due to this the 1960 security treaty incident occured (10,000 people) and the opposition only gained 10 seats .... which shows how inefficient their political Majority rule was not a traditional Japanese cultural aspect, what was traditional is to let...
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SISEA 435 Japanese Government and politics N1 - Main point...

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