Lecture 22 Heracles Continued

Lecture 22 Heracles Continued - Attic Legends-Crecrops an...

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Lecture 22 Heracles Continued: -New Wife, Deianira, sister of Meleager and is told of her by Meleager in his visit to the underworld -rival achelous (horned river god) -heracles wrestles with him and breaks off a board -The horn is traded for the horn of Amalthea (horn of plenty) Nessjs -Centaur, offers to take Deianira across river Euenus, but assaults her in midstream, so Heracles shoots. Nessus offers D. his blood as love charm Iole -D. of Euryos, k. of Aechalia,m who will not let H. maryry her when win archery constest Later, Heracles pushed him over wall -Zeus punishes him over walls Zeus displease; Heracles must serve Olympiuas in Lydia Return and death -sack of Oechalia, death of Eurytos, Iole sent ahead with herald lichas D. in distress sneds with Lichas a robe with Nessos’ blood As Heracles sacrifices, poison activated, consumes his flesh, so Lichas thrown to death while Heracles son Hyllus marries Iole. D. stabs herself after seeing what happened Apotheosis -burnt on pyre, then becomes immortal on Olympus, marries Hebe (Youth)
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Unformatted text preview: Attic Legends-Crecrops an early figure; snaky lower half; antochtonous (born from earth)-Daughters entrusted with box containing Erichthonius, s. of Earth-Er. Product of Hephaestus’ attack on Athena-disobedient ds. Of crecrops open box, see Er. And snakes, throw themselves off Acropolis Aegeus and theseus-Aegeus king of Athens, has no son-Oracle says beware of unloosing his wineskin before return home-sleeps with Aethra at Troezen-leaves sword and sandals under a rock: male child to claim birthright with these Theseus’ return Six Labors: 1. Periphetes, club bearer 2. Sinis: ties victims to two bent pine trees, thus torn apart 3. Sow of Krommyon; shown with old woman 4. Sciron: travelers made to wash his feet, kicked over cliff, man-eating turtle devours 5. Kerkyon: wrestling match 6. Proscrustes: travelers hammered/truncated to fit bed-Aegeus’ wife Medea tries to poison, thwarted-Fights with Marathonian Bull (formerly Cretan Bull)...
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Lecture 22 Heracles Continued - Attic Legends-Crecrops an...

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