11-8 - Lecture 20 Illiad 9: Embassy to Achilles 3 speakers:...

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Lecture 20 Illiad 9: Embassy to Achilles 3 speakers: Odysseus, Phoenix, and Ajax o Odysseus says that: Greeks are in danger Peleu’s advice to Achilles Agamemnon’s offer Change for glory and kill hector o Achiles rejects because Agamemnon hadn’t done enough Thetis says, “death at troy and immortal fame: or long inglorious life” o Phoenix (Achilles’ old tutor) says that: Taken in by peleus after quarrel with father Had sex with father’s concubine at mothers request Fathers prayer to Furies: will die childless Calydonian boar: sent by angry Artemis Meleager leads hunt Quarrel over spoils lead to war Meleager kills uncles; mother curses Calydon under threat, Meleager eventually yields to wife, but doesn’t get gifts initially offered (Lesson: Achilles should join fight earlier to get gifts) o Achilles still not persuaded and invites Phoenix to stay the night and will decide next day about leaving o Ajax tries to get him to go, but also fails Greeks lose badly without Achilles, so Patroclus persuades Achilles to let him fight in his armor so that will boost morale of troops o Successful for a time, but Hector kills him o Achilles determined to kill Hector, and thetis gets new armor from Hephaestus
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o Reconciliation with Agamemnon and returns to battle Prelims: appeals from parents, Priam and Hecuba: mother bares breast Hector stands ground and fights On Achilles approach, Hector runs o On 4 th circuit of walls, Zeus sets up golden scales; Hector’s portion sinks o Athena disguised as brother encourages him to make a stand
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11-8 - Lecture 20 Illiad 9: Embassy to Achilles 3 speakers:...

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