Disorders lecture - Chapter 14: Psychological Disorders...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 14: Psychological Disorders History: Early view of mental disorders as demonic possession o Tried exorcising mental people to get rid of these possessions Pinel- French physician; tried to get a humanizing treatment Somatogenic hypothesis: organic cause for mental illness o [caused by body] o Found that syphilis might have caused their mental state Psychogenic hypothesis: psychological cause for physical symptoms o [physical problems actually caused by mind/psychological factors] o Hysteria : psychological causes for physical complaints Current approach: Diathesis-Stress model o People might have vulnerability to a disorder due to genetics, environment, etc. which leads to stress from either internal or external sources which leads to a disorder Definition: Deviants: behavior that differs from norm Distress: suffering Dysfunction: not being able to function o All people have some of each in their lives, but in a psychological disorder, they are extreme cases. o The one most looked at today is dysfunction. Most are substance-related disorders, then anxiety, mood, antisocial, schizophrenia Classification: DSM-IV : Diagnostic and Statistical Manual used in the United States...
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Disorders lecture - Chapter 14: Psychological Disorders...

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