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DT3 worksheet - museums and other good sources Objectivity...

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Discovery Task 3—Web Site Evaluation Name ____________________________ Instructor__________________________ Critically evaluate one of the Holocaust web sites (Yad Vashem, Teacher’s Guide, or Simon Wiesenthal) using the five criteria provided, bearing in mind the site’s value as a source if you were doing a research paper on Nazi anti-Semitism. Web Site ______________________________________ Authority The Florida Center for Instructional Technology. College of Education, University of South Florida It is linked so you can find out about the authors and you can send comments to the “project manager. Accuracy Yes the information is true. There is a link for credits of where they got the information and it is all credible from
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Unformatted text preview: museums and other good sources. Objectivity The information is fact it is pictures from memorial sites and other pictures. There is also just general information about the holocaust that teachers can use for the children in their classrooms. Currency It was last updated January 2007 which is pretty recent for something that happened so long ago. Coverage The intended audience are teachers that wish to have a lesson on the holocaust. The site has pictures and other information for teaching information. The page has quizzes and other useful information for teachers. The site is very navigable....
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