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Psych-Sociology Final BLANK - STS-1207 Final Professor...

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STS-1207 Final Professor Wilkes Essay Option 1B The difficult tasks posed on scientists have most often been too complex to be solved by one person. The most apparent reason for this is that either the task is too large for one person to handle, or the task is so broad it requires scientists of many different fields to work together. From the experience of this class, it has been shown to me that different personalities working in collaboration promotes a much stronger environment for accomplishing a task. Human interaction is an incredible powerful and complex topic. The great scholars Merton and Kuhn both devoted a large part of their lives in the field, and surprisingly it still seems outside the grasp of full explanation. Although vastly different in nature, Kuhn and Merton’s approaches to explicate the social structure of science are quite complimentary to one another. Because of their deep understanding and scholarly backgrounds, it would only be reasonable to favor their methodology over an unethical and trivial contributor to science like James Watson. However, I can not bring myself to do so! Human interaction among cooperating and competing scientists has an astounding effect on discovery. Even deeper then that, progress is incredibly more substantial when collaboration can be made over a broader spectrum of thought. In addition to agreeing with Watson, I would also concur with the psychological analysis of Brenda Maddox. The personal experiences of a scientist, ranging from childhood continuously through their professional career influences their scientific approach. The experiences of any person for that matter, makes up who they are and the
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Psych-Sociology Final BLANK - STS-1207 Final Professor...

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