Artifact 1 - one-second left to the Giants All the Giants...

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Artifact 1 COM110 Mrs. Solomon This past weekend held event for one of the largest television programs to air on television, the Superbowl. But this Superbowl wasn’t any ordinary Superbowl event; this one took place with the New York Giants, an underdog who made the playoffs by a slim possibility, and the famous New England Patriots seeking to make themselves the first undefeated team in NFL history. Some called this game the biggest mismatch in Superbowl history and should have been as easy win for the New England Patriots. As the game unfolded the Patriots took an early lead and led for most of the game, but the Giants were not out of it yet. A late drive lead by young Giants quarterback Eli Manning ended up turning into a touchdown and giving them a 17-14 lead with only 30 seconds left. A stunned Patriots took the field one last time to try and regain the lead, but after four unsuccessful attempts and a turnover on downs, the Patriots gave up the ball with
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Unformatted text preview: one-second left to the Giants. All the Giants needed to do was take one last play to run the clock out and claim their Cinderella story Superbowl victory. However, Bill Belichick, the Patriots head coach decided to head back to the locker rooms early rather than watch the final play for the Giants. The nation watched in awe as the almost perfect season for head coach Bill Beichick fall to pieces, and watched as he didn’t have enough decency to stay for the last play of the game when he knew he lost. His actions portrayed in the Superbowl showed an extreme lack of personal ethics. Bill Belichick is supposed to be a role model, a head coach for one of the greatest football teams ever assembled and on Superbowl sunday, he showed his audience (everyone watching the game) that he was indeed a sore loser and one of poor ethical standards. For a man of Bill Belichicks’ position to show this type of behavior is completely uncalled for and unethical....
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Artifact 1 - one-second left to the Giants All the Giants...

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