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Unformatted text preview: t are divisible by 2 Let’s use Prolog’s built-in arithmetic evaluation predicate is/2! –  ?- Y is 3/2.! •  produces a floating point number –  Y=1.5! –  ?- Y is 4/2.! •  produces an integer –  Y=2! –  ?- Y is round(3/2).! •  –  rounds up to the nearest integer Y=2 !! •  Define is_even(X) :-! Y is X/2,! Z is round(X/2),! Y = Z. Odd Numbers Even numbers Odd numbers •  •  Idea: –  to test whether a number X is even 1.  divide it by 2, call this number Y 2.  divide it by 2 and round it, call this number Z 3.  X is even if Y=Z. •  Define is_even(X) :-! Y is X/2,! Z is round(X/2),! Y = Z. Define is_odd(X) :-! Y is X/2,! Z is round(X/2),! \+ Y = Z. •  or define is_odd(X) :- \+ is_even(X).! Output •  You can use built-in predicates –  write/1 and –  nl/1 to print values of variables etc. •  Exam...
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