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Sara Levine Francis Bacon and His Use of Aristotle’s Art of Rhetoric Aristotle has influenced many people with his writings on rhetoric, one of which is Francis Bacon. One of Bacon’s greatest achievements was his proposition of the scientific method. In the preamble of his The Great Instauration of Francis of Verulam , by arguing using inductive and deductive reasoning, by presenting himself as a person who is dedicated, determined, and confident, and by arousing emotions of shame and guilt Francis Bacon tries to convince us that we should follow him in his pursuit to renew the sciences and make more advanced progress in our studies. Using those three key elements: logos, pathos and ethos Bacon was effective in creating and starting the scientific revolution by introducing the scientific method to the scientists, aristocrats, and power people of the time. According to Aristotle the use of logos or argument means using enthymemes or paradigms. Enthymemes are described by Aristotle as a rhetorical syllogism and a paradigm as a rhetorical induction. Even though Bacon is arguing against deductive reasoning he includes a deductive argument, enthymeme, and it is a very strong enthymeme. The premise of the enthymeme is: This is because the primary notion of things, which the mind readily and passively drinks in, lays up and accumulates (and from which all the rest flow) are defective and confused and carelessly abstracted from things: nor are the secondary and other notions and less arbitrary and unreliable. (23) The conclusion of the enthymeme being “As a result, that entire human reasoning that we apply in our investigation of Nature is poorly put together and construction, but is like some magnificent great pile without any foundation” (23) Bacon suggests, through this enthymeme, that throughout time the human mind collects information and recently it has been just sitting there with no purpose whatsoever. As a result of that the facts about science have been roughly 1
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essay1 - Sara Levine Francis Bacon and His Use of...

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