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1 Sara Levine Humanities Core Mr. Hitchner 11-26-07 Is Second Guessing Always Best? The ending to any novel is the part that remains in the reader’s memory and can help bring out important ideas of the book as long as it is climatic and helps summarize the important events of the book. Jane Austen is known for having the main character of her story, who is normally a heroine, achieve ultimate happiness. The same is true in her novel Persuasion . Austen wrote two endings to Persuasion and only one was published, but historians have found another ending that had some major differences. Austen writes the first ending with short, precise narration and then changes to a longer, more in-depth explanation in the published ending of the novel. The published ending of the novel is the best one to wrap up the book with. It fits into the structure of the novel and helps bring out the strength of Anne’s character. Throughout the story Captain Wentworth and Anne have very awkward encounters with each other when they meet sporadically throughout the book. There are silent stares and dramatic pauses that pass between them at the Musgroves and when on the street. The original ending states, “it was a silent but a very powerful dialogue; on his side, Supplication, on her’s acceptance. Still, a little nearer and a hand taken and pressed…and all Suspense & Indecision were over”(263). Using the excuses of their silence towards each other as his supplication and her’s acceptance does not fit into the
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2 romantic side of the plot. In the published ending Austen shows how determined Wentworth is in not saying anything in front of Anne when she is in the company of
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persuasion - 1 Sara Levine Humanities Core Mr Hitchner Is...

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