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Sara Levine Humanities Core 1-22-08 Ben Bishop Bringing Shakespeare to Modern Oxford Changing a play’s staging allows you to change the entire meaning of the play. The director can keep the same words but twist the meanings and completely change the original production of the play. A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare can be interpreted many different ways, which emphasizes the different themes hidden inside the text. I have staged Act one Scene two or the “rude mechanicals” in modern Oxford, England and eight to nine year old boys that live on the university campus play the actors. This staging helps bring out the theme of making that Shakespeare has included in his text. The text from the scene that I took is from line 8 to line 74 of Act one Scene two. The scene will start out with the six characters, which are six boys that live on the campus of the University of Oxford, running through the garden of Magdalen College towards a fort that they have constructed; they call it Quince’s house because it was his idea to construct the fort. The occupations of the workers in A Midsummer Night’s Dream have been turned into the nicknames that the boys call each according to something that they are good at. Quince the Carpenter is skilled in building railroad tracks, and he is always putting together his little sisters dollhouses. Snug the Joiner has the amazing ability to construct massive Lego towers. Bottom the Weaver who is the
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leader of the group has the ability to weave in between people and get to the front of a crowd. Flute the Bellows Mender has an extremely loud voice and can get people’s attention very easily by raising his voice. Snout the Tinker is the most naughty out of all the children and therefore they call him the tinker. Starveling the Tailor loves to throw rocks at birds and tries to hit them and since tailor is another word for hunting birds they
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essay1 - Sara Levine Humanities Core Ben Bishop Bringing...

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