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immigration - Sara Levine 74569228 Bree White Sociology 3...

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Sara Levine 74569228 Bree White Sociology 3 Immigration In a country built on immigrants, the problem of immigration is huge concern in the modern United States. There are many social movement organizations (SMOs) that rally for looser immigration laws. There are also SMOs that advocate stricter laws that restrict the amount of immigrants that come into our country and what their privileges are. The major condition facing the United States currently is the high percentage of illegal immigration. Even though the government is doing as much as they say they can with the borders there are many people who still feel like they need to step in. Many states have had groups of people set up a citizen militia called minutemen. Many of militias that are in states bordering Mexico have a patrol that goes along the border and look out for immigrants trying to illegally come to the United States. These people feel that the state legislatures are not doing enough to stop the illegal immigration so they are taking it into their own hands, even though the state legislatures are starting to pass laws that “curb or cut off benefits to those who cannot prove they are in the United States legally” (Olson). These cuts have created much turmoil within the Latino community. There was a rally in Maryland protesting this new bill and one of the speakers, Janet Murguia, is the executive director of the National Council of La Raza, which is a Latino
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civil rights group. This group is part of the Activists trying to make this a social problem. Murguia is what Joel Best calls an outsider claimsmaker. She has influence with the media bringing her points to the public’s attention, but is not able to interact directly with the policymakers. On the other side of this issue are the Maryland Minuteman Civil Defense Corps and a republican delegate Patrick L McDonough who support firm laws restricting the illegal immigrants. The Maryland Minuteman and McDonough are considered insider claimsmakers because they have the ability to influence or even be the policymakers. This specific bill that is being passed through the Maryland legislature will “cut all public benefits to undocumented immigrants” (Olson). There is the exception of public schooling and emergency healthcare, which it is required that everyone receive that benefit. The SMOs that oppose this bill say that is a social problem because from a country built on immigrants why are they becoming a bad thing for the country. They state that the immigrants are in the country working and paying taxes and are making a positive contribution to the welfare of our country. They then go onto say that why should the country have such negative feelings towards this group of people who are add
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immigration - Sara Levine 74569228 Bree White Sociology 3...

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