DNY 2 - made war suppliers controlled NYC for next 100...

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March 3, 2008 American Revolution Turning Point: no dictators colonists free Start of real capitalism 2 things happen 1) NY becomes a more entrepreneurship city 2) The capital is taken away from New York -- Jefferson takes capital away, good move for NY, makes NY focus on making money. DeWitt Clinton- took the rapid growth of NY economy and made it explode - Erie Canal- 355 miles of ditch, combines NYC to the great lakes ---- Giant Debt following the American Revolution MOVIE: Walt Whitman- writer New York Herald March 17. 2008 New York City and the Civil War People wanted to NYC to secede from the union. Most goods coming out of south for NYC ports… Govt. closed that down. They feared that all debts from southern farmers will not be paid Manufacturing Sector makes large amount of money from war
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Unformatted text preview: made war suppliers controlled NYC for next 100 years # of factories grew significantly, more job opportunities, more immigrants Feminist Voice in New York City Women are central and key to the continuing existing of NYC Religion. . o Give birth, socialize children o Religious tradition is key to any kind of social development o Women do most of the volunteer work in churches o Women outnumber men in churches o Women becoming priests, Baptists, ministers, pastors o Film 3 Central Park Poverty in New York Corrupt politician Boss Tweed stole 50 million dollars his people helped the poor. Setup food kitchens, built houses NEXT QUIZ ON WEDNESDAY MARCH 26 TH Chapter 5 & 6 in the text Film 2...
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DNY 2 - made war suppliers controlled NYC for next 100...

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