History Jan. 29th - History Egypt Egyption Civilization...

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History Egypt Egyption Civilization began around 3150 B.C. Known for architecture 31 B.C. power of pharaohs ends. . (conquered by Romans) Indus Valley Civilization (3300 B.C. -1700 B.C.) -- Flourished around Pakistan region -- Harapan Civilization -- early system of trade -- Possessed the world first dentists Decline around 1700 B.C. Reason: climate change (got cooler and dryer) Affected agriculture Following Indus Valley decline…. Major kingdoms arose (Mahajanapadas kingdom) Buddhism Set of teachings Jainism It is a religion and philosophy originating in ancient India. Chinese Civilization ( 1600 B.C.) Shung Dynasty -Organized govt. -System of writing -Technological advances Qing Dynasty (1912) Persia ( - 1913) The most widespread entity considered to have been a Persian Empire was the Achaemenid Empire (550–330 BC) under Darius and Xerxes. Greek Empire (500 – 338 B.C)
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Roman Empire Hegemity Control over a particular group of people Demoralize the society MARITIME TECHNOLOGY- History January 31, 2008 Political organization in west Africa Monarchy- system with a king or queen Constitutional monarchy- system with politicians at top Emperor in Africa- Mora Noba
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History Jan. 29th - History Egypt Egyption Civilization...

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