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Monica Kolacz Matt Lombardo Pat Matla 10/8/2007 As most of you know our company, Ohio Arts, is moving the production of Etch a Sketch’s to Shenzhen, China to help lower cost and keep our product on the shelves at such retail giants as Toys R US and Wal-Mart. The loss of jobs here at the Bryan, Ohio plant will be around 100 jobs. Let me assure you that the company has a four part strategy on how to ease this transition and make sure that the company will remain profitable. The four parts will be explained below. Step 1: Move production to China and assure proper working conditions As with all companies that move any part of their company to China we will have to adjust to a new work culture and new employees. To help with this we will look for a joint venture or partnership with an existing Chinese company. This will allow us to adjust to their customs and values easier. The company will provide pay at above the minimum wage and offer health care packages. These packages will not be mandatory and we will allow the worker’s to choose on their own if they want to enroll. The next step will be to ensure that we our using only legal workers. We will have strict hiring policies put into place so that underage workers are not hired and forced into a stressful work environment. The use
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of underage workers here in the United States is looked down upon and we will bring that philosophy to China with us. We would like to avoid the situation that arose with Nike a
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etch a sketch paper - Monica Kolacz Matt Lombardo Pat Matla...

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