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television assignment - Child Psychology Preschool...

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Child Psychology Preschool Assignment Preschoolers’ environment is expanded through both videos and television programs. Blues Clues is a popular preschooler’s program. Sponge Bob is also a well known cartoon that makes connections with the child’s world. After viewing the specific shows Sponge Bob’s April’s Fools and Blue Clues Backyard experience finding insects there are both positive and negative aspects of preschoolers spending time watching these programs. Sponge Bob’s April Fools focused on Sponge Bob playing several innocent jokes on his friends. All but one friend laughed at his jokes, but Crabby the restaurant owner was very annoyed by Sponge Bob’s constant laughter. As a result Crabby staged a very harmful practical joke that not only hurt Sponge Bob’s feelings but destroyed property in the restaurant. Crabby struggled to apologize to Sponge Bob for his actions but finally did took the right action and did say he was sorry. Preschoolers are learning the causation relationship and beginning to
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