history 2 notes - History notes.feb. 26, 2008 The electoral...

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History notes….feb. 26, 2008 The electoral battle of 1800…Washington was succeeded buy adams…conflicts between federalists and republicans on issues they saw differently: Jeffersonian republicans had basic principals that they tried to encourage and perpetuate…one was a democratic agrarian country….thy wnted it where individual farmers were the core of the country…. Federalists: (people who wanted a balarynced diversified economy…they didn’t want eveone to be the same thing…they wanted govmt. to encourage finance, commerce, industry, shipping interest….bc they distrusted the people and their capacity to govern themselves they wanted a strong govt. under executive leadership….) partisan opposition to hamiltons physical programs for America….one of the reasons the two political parties were created…how they reacted to the French revolution was another reason…in the early years of washingtons first administration france was in an internal phase of the French resolution…started out with attack on the nobles and the king and queen of france…in 1793 the French rev. took an outward turn…revolutioinary france went to war with great Britain…and their battle widened the split between the federalists and the Jeffersonian republicans……federalists generally favored british…and the republicans favored france ( wanted to see all neutral rights on the high seas observed)….federalists wnted france defeated bc they believed france had gone to the extreme in its revolutionary attempt Neutrality proclamation was issued by Washington on april 27, 1793…maintained that the united states would remain neutral during the war…jefferson opposed this (secretary of state)…Jefferson believed this position would only help Britain….while we were trying to be neutral a french representative of the government came to the united states and payed military people to work for france from the united states as a base….the mans name was Citizen Genet…citizen was a minister at france (nothing religious about minister)….someone got genet an appointment with Washington…when Washington realized what genet was doing he realized this was total out of what he was supposed to be doing…so they ordered a recall of genet….genet had the sense to realize that If he went back home he would be kilt!. ..... so bout that time he decided he was in love with an American woman and married her…bc of that he was allowed to stay in this country….so he had to stop what he had been doing….things were going back and forth between Britain and france….america was caught in the middle….america was disadvantaged bc of this…French got angry at America bc of things America did to disrupt the neutrality act…so france kept attacking American merchandise ships….in 1794 blank asked Washington to send a peace representative to Britain…someone the british would accept. .jefferson and other republicans feared Hamilton would be a bad
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history 2 notes - History notes.feb. 26, 2008 The electoral...

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