Marketing Principles Solution Manual Chapter 14

Marketing Principles Solution Manual Chapter 14 - Chapter...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 14 COMMUNICATING CUSTOMER VALUE: INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS STRATEGY MARKETING STARTER: CHAPTER 14 Häagen-Dazs: A Beautifully Integrated Marketing Communications Campaign Synopsis Häagen-Dazs is one of today’s top-selling super premium ice cream brands. But only a few years ago, in a category cluttered by many brands, Häagen-Dazs teetered on the verge of commodity status. So to strengthen its emotional connection with consumers, the company turned to an integrated marketing communications campaign centered on a socially relevant idea. It set out to educate consumers that colony- collapse disorder is threatening the U.S. honey bee population. One-third of all the natural products we eat (and up to 40 percent of the natural flavors used in Häagen-Dazs) rely on those bees. The “HD loves HB” (Häagen-Dazs loves honey bees) campaign was born. To communicate the message, Häagen-Dazs employed a wide range of media and PR elements that work harmoniously for the cause. At the heart of the campaign is a Web site— —a honeybee central where customers can learn about the problem, ways that they can help, and the role of Häagen-Dazs in the solution. The beautifully integrated campaign united the company and its customers to combat the problem. The unique message and integrated campaign were highly successful. Häagen-Dazs sales rose 16 percent during the year of the HD love HB campaign, not bad for a premium brand during a recession. More important, Häagen-Dazs now stands out from the pack as “a brand with a heart and a soul.” Discussion Objective The chapter-opening Häagen-Dazs story illustrates a truly integrated promotional campaign. Thus, the discussion will go far beyond just showing off another clever ad campaign. It will demonstrate how Häagen-Dazs connected with customers using a wide range of carefully integrated promotion elements focused on delivering a unified, relevant message. Starting the Discussion Center this discussion on the Häagen-Dazs Loves Honey Bees Web site at . Help students to discover the substantial breadth of media and PR elements used in this award-winning campaign and to show how well integrated the elements are with each other and with the overall campaign theme. The site provides a springboard for exploring all the different aspects of the campaign, including the cause itself, directions for becoming involved in the cause, educational and event videos, a virtual simulation of bees at work, and a store for buying campaign promotional items. For good additional images and award-winning print ads, search “Häagen-Dazs honey bee” in Google Images. The campaign is visually and artistically stunning, so have fun as you move through the discussion. But most important, be certain that students appreciate how beautifully the campaign integrates the various pieces. There’s lots to cover, so move quickly and stay on task....
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Marketing Principles Solution Manual Chapter 14 - Chapter...

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